Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a thought

If Willo Flood had still been at Dundee Utd - as opposed to taking Riordan's old place on the Celtic bench - would they have made a better fist of it against R*ngers today?

Saying that, Celtic could have played an extra hour of injury time and they still wouldn't have scored against Hearts today. They were bastard woeful.


aberfoyle said...

If you wanny crib, go to you tube and check out (Scum of the dead)its only a game sir.Youve got next season to look forward to.Stay cool.

Darren said...

Please don't mention 'next season'.

It screams to me of 'close season', and withdrawal symptoms of missing out on my weekly fix.

Reidski said...

We were mince this season. Can't remember seeing them play once when I thought they looked like a good football side.

I was at Wembley on Sunday, but, again, best team came out on top and no excuses with the final score there.

But at least Newcastle went down, so got cheered up by that ...