Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cometh the hour, cometh the high bee?

I've no need to hastily construct a Temporary Autonomous Hibernian fan zone; I'll always have the highest regard for Derek Riordan. Even if it is the case that I can never pronounce his name properly.

'Tonight, Matthew, I will be diving that way'.

Is it too much to hope that Riordan does the business tonight?

It's all well and good(ish) winning dodgy penalties against the jam tarts, and then winding up the home support after cooly slotting home said pen but think of the pleasure of sticking it to both R*ngers and Gordon Strachan in the space of one match?

As Hibs are 0/3 against R*ngers this season, this is written more in hope than judgement but if Hibs don't get a result tonight - and by result, I mean three points - I can't see Celtic winning a fourth consecutive title.

Actually, what am I thinking? Riordan will probably get the winner against R*ngers tonight and then score two against Celtic on Sunday. It's probably what Celtic deserve this year.

This stream of rambling consciousness has been brought to you via 10 chewed down fingernails and a seen better days Brooklyn sofa.


Kevin Williamson said...

There was never any doubt that lad would do the business against the hunnery. And what an absolute peach of a goal. Same again on Sunday...

Reidski said...

that was funny. Can't see them doing the same to us!

Darren said...


I bet he does.


I bet they can. R*ngers are still favourites to win the League in my book.

Kevin Williamson said...

Especially liked all the cream buns moaning about a refereeing decision that went against them. Oh ma poor sides hurting with the injustice of it all ... :-)

Will said...

egg news

Darren said...

Do you think he is incredibly unlucky or incredibly dumb?

Darren said...

PS - The Jam going dutch circa '82 and from '78 The Jam working for the Canadian dollar.