Friday, April 24, 2009

Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin (Little Brown 2002)

- "Where will you be working from?"

- "I thought we might find a spare office at St Leonard's . . . "

- Siobhan's eyes widened. "You think Gill's going to go for that?"

- "I hadn't really thought about it," he lied. "But I can't see a problem . . . can you?"

- "Do the words 'tea,' 'mug' and 'lob' mean anything to you?"

- "Tea mug lob? Is that a Cocteau Twins track?" He won a smile from her. "So you really were just driving around?"

- She nodded. "It's something I do when I can't sleep. Why are you shaking your head?"

- "It's just that I do the same thing. Or I used to. I'm that bit older and lazier these days."

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Paracademia said...

Rankin is a legend! Love him!