Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin (1994)

Wild Davey Soutar. He and his kind detested the Festival. It took away from them their Edinburgh and propped something else in its place, a facade of culture which they didn't need and couldn't understand. There was no underclass in Edinburgh, they'd all been pushed out into schemes on the city boundaries. Isolated, exiled, they had every right to resent the city centre with its tourist traps and temporary playtime.

not that that's why Soutar was doing it. Rebus thought Soutar had some simpler reasons. He was showing off, he was showing even his elders in The Shield that they couldn't control him, that he was the boss. He was, in fact, quite mad.


Phil BC said...

Dearest Darren

I'm currently engaged in a giga-level spamming operation on behalf of the Carnival of Socialism. Was wondering if you fancied hosting one in the near future? Can you let me know at philbc03 at yahoodotcom? Cheers.

Darren said...


cheers for the kind offer - it's like the Bolshevik/Menshevik split never happened - but as evidenced by the serious lack of thought and activity on the blog these past few months I'm not really in a blogging frame of mind to accept the challenge.

Check back with me in a couple of months time and I'll come up with a better excuse.

Looking forward to the future Carnivals.