Monday, April 06, 2009

Graffiti from the bunker

What's going on with H over at the mighty fine Cactus Mouth Informer blog?

If I didn't know any better, I'd hazard a guess that he's been battered senseless with a rolled up copy of the November 2003 Socialist Standard. He keeps coming out with SPGB soundbites over at CMI.

It'll be that one about the hottenhots next . . . mixed in with a Membranes cassingle.


Anonymous said...

Well, the article he links to explaining why nationalisation isn't socialism suggests it'll be a while before he takes the entrance exam...:

Darren said...

Fair's fair, I did say it was the soundbites I got a kick from. Granted, it would have been sweeter if he linked to this lost classic but I guess it wasn't on CMI's radar.

I just get a(nother) kick from clicking on one of my favourite music blogs and finding the thoughts of Chairman Jack Fitzgerald staring back at me . . . and from an anarchist communist blogger, too.

That 'entrance exam'? Christ, I took that years ago. Not sure I could it pass it if I took it today.

Highlander said...

I think someone must've spiked my drinks.

Fair cop for the CP article, I was trying to find something relatively short which encapsulated a fairly weighty subject - as your lost classic testifies - into something readable in a short period. The soundbites were a hook.

I don't think I'll be sitting the entrance exam shortly either. I mean, if I can't even link to the right article ;). Nor joining the Communist Party for that matter.