Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twisted sisters and a bandy legged brother*

Via Next Left Notes video footage of the IWW's March Against Wage Slavery on MLK Day:

"NEW YORK -- January 19, 2009. On Martin Luther King Jr Day 2009, the IWW rallied outside Starbucks' regional headquarters on Fifth Avenue before marching to Wild Edibles, to demand justice for the truck drivers who were fired by the food supplier after attempting to start a union. Along the way - the Rude Mechanical Orchestra provided the backbeat."

*The 'brother' bit is a sure indication that I've been watching far too much Celebrity Big Brother this year.


stuart said...

I was looking out for you... were you dressed up as a fat New York cop? ;-)

Darren said...

Attend that reactionary demonstration? As soon as I heard that Twisted Sister was going to be on the playlist it was me who called the fat cops.

Watch the clip again. Forty seconds in you'll hear my chant of 'Post-Punk or Barbarism' in the background from my counter-demonstration across the street. The counter-demonstration was well attended. Franz Ferdinand were in town and the bass player turned up and Paul Morley sent a message of support ;-)

Back to reality. Nah, I didn't make the march. Fair play to those that turned out in that freezing cold weather. I would have been gasping for a Starbucks Espresso Roast (Decaf) after braving those cold winds.