Thursday, January 29, 2009


Via the 101 Goals website, and from last night's Scottish League Cup semi final, one of the sweetest penalty kicks you'll ever have the privilege to witness. It occurs around about the six minutes six seconds mark in the clip and, believe or not, it was Boruc who was taking the spot kick.

What do you mean that he sliced it?


J.J said...

What a lot of penalty kicks there were. On Reidski's tele they cut to Newsnight on about the 18th one. I'd like to say he dealt with that calamity in a calm and rational manner but.....

Darren said...

Think how I was feeling.

Refreshing the BBC football page every two seconds whilst the kicks were being taken resulted in a dent in the keyboard where the fingers were going into overdrive and a spasm up my right arm which is either RSI or sympathy pains for Willo Flood. ;-)