Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hunting four Shankly

Has Bill Shankly died or something?

The sitemeter keeps throwing up hits from people who've found the blog via typing in 'bill shankly t shirt socialism' into the google search engine. Poor bastards are looking for this, but instead they're stumbling across this past doggerel from the vaults of the blog.

Yes, I did have the t shirt - the long sleeved version - and rather than it making the intended everyman political statement, it looked more like I was going to a fancy dress party dressed as a post box.

A Thought

What's the odds that either Tommy Sheridan or Terry Christian have been talking about or wearing the Shankly socialist T shirt in the Celebrity Big Brother Household? I'm guessing the former as Sheridan's a hun by all accounts and TC is a Man Utd supporter.


Will said...

Don't think you are correct on the Sheridan being A Hun line. Him and TC were takling the other night and seem to have bonded over the celtic connections of each.

Darren said...

Ah, but would that be them bonding over 'Sel'tic' or all things 'Kel'tic'? I know that TC likes to play up on his Irishness.

You might be right about Sheridan. I'm just basing that assumption on articles I read in the Celtic fanzine, Tiocfaidh Ar La - For Celtic & Ireland, a few years back. They would go on at length about his associations. They seemed to have a real bee in their bonnet about it.

Now, that could be put down to good old fashioned political rivalrly as the people who put Tiocfaidh Ar La - For Celtic & Ireland together were associated with Red Action and AFA amongst others, and were not necessarily good friends with Scottish Militant Labour back in the day, but they did seem to base their opinion on evidence rather that conjecture.

Just had a look at the Tiocfaidh Ar La - For Celtic & Ireland website but sadly it looks like they haven't got round to putting the older issues - where I read about their take on Sheridan - online.

PS - It's just a bit of banter about Sheridan being a R*ngers supporter. I have to put that disclaimer in because half my family follow the dark side. ;-)

Darren said...

Mmm, maybe the Tiocfaidh Ar La peeps were wrong about Sheridan?

Politician Tommy Sheridan has instigated a sectarian row in his home city of Glasgow after singing 'Fields Of Athenry' during a live broadcast of Big Brother.

Or maybe he just likes the tune?