Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A rolling Bone gathers no Moss

The title of the post comes courtesy of Robert of MySpace SPGB fame (as does the links below).

In 8-parts, the links to the YouTube clips of the Socialist Party's 20th October debate with Class War's Ian Bone on the subject of 'Which Way to Revolution?'

Debating for the Socialist Party was Swansea Branch's Howard Moss and in the chair for the meeting was a fellow SPGB blogger. (Mentioning no names. Providing no links. You'll have to guess for yourself.)

I've yet to watch the debate in full myself but I thought I'd post it up asap because H over at Cactus Mouth Informer was asking after it a few weeks back.

You can also download an audio version of the debate over here if you're more the iPod type of armchair activist.

Pt.1 'Which Way to Revolution?'

  • Pt.2
  • Pt.3
  • Pt.4
  • Pt.5
  • Pt.6
  • Pt.7
  • Pt.8

    stuart said...

    I watched it all and really enjoyed it. Good humoured and thoughtful debate.

    Highlander said...

    Cheers Darren. Watched it all the other day. Like Stuart says, good stuff.

    Came away with the overall impression that, between the SPGB and Ian Bone, there were very few differences in intent, a couple of differences in delivery perhaps but least of all were the irreconcilable differences. I counted none.

    Bill said...


    there were two at least - Bone identifies class in terms of the giving/recieving of orders; and advocates insurrectionary civil war. He also advocates reforms to capitalism, or at least the struggle for reforms. The SPGB does advoctae takign control of the state machinery as it exists, and using it for revolutionary purposes.

    stuart said...

    Highlander, I agree with you. The differences between them were entirely over things that only the future development of struggle could possibly raise (let alone resolve). To anyone standing outside of these kinds of groups, their political positions are indistinguishable.