Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disclaimer time

Nope, nothing to do with us, guv.


Reidski said...

ha ha!

I would buy nothing today, but I think Asda - or is it Tesco? - has one of those buy two cases of lager/cider for about 11 quid offers, so I'm duty bound to purchase some!

Darren said...

The buy nothing day I don't have a problem with - though the cynic in me that usually only rears its ugly head once in a Port Vale derby victory suggests that most people who respect the day end up buying twice as much the day before or the day after.

My problem with the story is that it's really nothing more than 'look at the kook who thinks we should live in a world with no money' puff piece.

It gives us political eccentrics a bad name.

Karl-Marx-Straße said...

Anyway: he's not doing it properly, is he. "A friend is paying his National Insurance contributions for the year for him". Just in case the experiment means he'll get 20p less state pension, or what else is the point of that exactly? Or is he registered self-employed and wants to stay that way? Confusing.