Sunday, November 16, 2008

"A pram in the hallway being the enemy of creativity?" A hungry baby in the bassinet is the enemy of me finding out which . .

. . . demo just marched past my window.

Bless my old boots (can't swear - an Owen is beside me). Just heard a bit of shouting and hollering outside the apartment - "We are not illegal." being chanted in unison - and, looking out the window, I spot about thirty to forty people walking down the sidewalk towards Borough Park.

I'm guessing that they're not local. Not because of the chant but because the marchers were overwhelming white and they appeared to have American accents. Kensington is considered one of the most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in the United States but if you see a white person on the main street, seven times out of ten they are either Polish, Albanian or a cash strapped hipster pining for Williamsburg.

I know, I know. Typical armchair rocking chair socialism of your average SPGBer. Someone calls a demo that is partly outside their apartment building and they still don't even turn up with papers, leaflets and the abstract propagandism.

I can't even blame Owen on this one. He dragged me to a Socialist Alternative/CWI meeting last month when he was only 12 days old. Something about him wanting his bolshevik inoculation jab sooner rather than later. I blame such precocity on the boston terrier named Martov. He's a bad influence.

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