Thursday, October 09, 2008

The war for David Broder's ear

From the latest issue of the Weekly Worker comes the (unintentionally funny) quote of the day from Mark Fischer:

It is also very much on display in the leadership's attempt tp whip up anger against David Broder and Chris Ford, two comrades who resigned from the AWL (primarily over the organisation's pro-imperialism, but also citing the sect's lack of operative democracy) to form the grandly named International Communist Group, organised around the Commune website . . . . [My emphasis.]

Why is it so unintentionally funny? Only because Mark Fischer is the National Organiser of the equally "grandly named" 30-40 strong Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee).

If I could make this stuff up I'd be writing King of the Hill episodes.


Reidski said...

love it

Rob Ray said...

Hiya, just a quick note from the UK to see whether you'd be interested in doing a quick review of the latest Black Flag Magazine? Gimme a mail to robray81 AT

Duncan Money said...

Hat-tip to someone on Leftist Trainspotters and UKLN or did you come up with this independently?

Darren said...

All my jokes are my own (unless cited).

Darren said...



Just spotted the double post from 'ChervonyPrapor" on both the UK Left Network and Left Trainspotters.

His post(s) are from Friday whereas my post is dated Thursday (hence, my need to link to the pdf rather than the online version of the Weekly Worker in the post).

If anything, he should be giving me a hat tip. ;-)

Duncan Money said...

Fair play, it must just be me who occasionally tries to pass off snippets from UKLN and Leftist Trainspotters as my own.