Sunday, October 12, 2008

Looking In . . .

Bullet points come in 3s:

  • At the time of writing, Kara is five days overdue. At this rate Chinese Democracy will see the light of day before we see the inside of the delivery room.

    Things are still up in the air with regards to the baby's weight, eye colour and hair colour but we do already know that his or her first words will be, 'How the hell did Chris Iwelumo miss that bastard sitter?' Better put a swear box in the baby's room. It'll help fund their college education.

  • Kara's iBook decided to commit hari kari during the week. Logic board . . . hard drive . . . even the solitaire game on the desktop decided to go kaputin. At this point it would be cheaper bailing out the American banking system than it would getting the iBook repaired.

    I don't want to shout conspiracy theory but I was looking at the AWL's website 15 minutes before the laptop's demise. Serves me right for checking out Sean Matgamna's poetry.

  • In happier news, Darren Redstar fortuitously finds a fascist politician to go with his blog headline and the class war started apace late last month. Granted, it was the Lehman Brothers gym, rather than barricades across Wall Street, but it's got to kick off somewhere. (Hat tip to Marx and Coca Cola blog.)

    JC said...

    The sitter. In years to come, everyone will remeember where they were at the moment in time.

    Poor bastard.

    Good luck btw....

    Lisa Rullsenberg said...

    Still overdue? Or has there been news?

    Big hugs to you and Kara - I await further news!!

    (And yes, I would blame you and AWL for ther iBook - you foolish boy...)