Thursday, October 02, 2008

Roger Mellie ("The Man on the Telly") ("The Manager of Newcastle Utd')

Sheer unexpurgated genius. Joe Kinnear does Roger Mellie from the dugout.

It's official: Newcastle Utd now populated by a cast of cartoon characters. Dennis Wise as Cockney Wanker . . . Joey Barton as Brown Bottle . . . Danny Guthrie as Rat Boy . . . Alan Smith as Terry Fuckwitt . . .Michael Owen as Spoilt Bastard . . . Chunky Viduka as both Fat Slags . . . and, er, as someone previously pointed out, Mike Ashley as Bobby Hill.

Shay Given as . . . nah, I like Shay Given. He should sign for a decent team.


Seán said...

Class. Thanks for brightening up my Afternoon.

Newcastle Press Officer: "What has been said in here is off the record and doesn't go outside."

I wonder why they didn't take any notice of him?

Seán said...

Btw, just been sent this - a link to the audio. It contains a great deal of beeps, as you can imagine.

Darren said...


Cheers for that. Brilliant but if it had been the Guardian there wouldn't have been any bleeps on the tape. ;-)

Maybe it's just me, but Kinnear sounds like David Brent on the tape. Granted, it's David Brent throwing an absolute wobbler but I definitely hear the same inflection in his voice.

PS - Chris Hughton as Gareth?

Highlander said...

In the spirit of Mr Kinnear: su-fucking-perb!

Seán said...
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Seán said...

The Guardian now have the events mediated through Stephen Hawkins.

Funny that The Mirror has beeps - their working class readership obviously don't come across language like that on the terraces!

Jools said...

Excellent - the link to the Guardian audio clip is the transcript put through the default 'voice' on an Apple Mac computer. How long before somebody mixes/mashes it up with a bit of techno and sends it flying around the interweb?