Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All (II)

From Daniel Gross of the Starbucks Union Campaign:

Please forward widely and immediately:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Christina Rosevear, a Starbucks Barista and IWW member is in extreme distress and needs your help. Although she is over 8 months pregnant, Christina is being forced back to work on Monday, September 3rd. If she does not return, she will lose her job and her health benefits. Starbucks will not extend Christina's pregnancy leave and she is due in just weeks.

For the sake of Christina and her family please do two things:

1) Participate in the e-mail action to Starbucks at

2) Call "Partner" Resources Manager Jenelyn Marinas at 415-241-0256 x 2228 and demand Christina not be fired

Thank you in advance for your immediate solidarity in this matter. Please also consider making a donation to the campaign so we can continue to have a voice for Christina and others like her. Contribute online now at:

Again, please sign the petition, repost and/or forward on.

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