Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sentimental Socialist

You know when you hear a song for the first time, and you instantly recognise that you are going to love that song for the rest of your life; none of that, three months down the line What the hell was I thinking? cascade of regrets (yes, Maximo Park, that barb is directed at you), but a song that you have to play again and again, and when you do stop listening to it, it's less a case of you edging yourself away from the tune in your head, stereo, iPod and Computer, and more a matter of life getting in the way.

That's how I'm feeling about the song '1985' right now. It was the opening track off of the Manic Street Preachers 2004 album, 'Lifeblood'. Christ, how did it take me three years to stumble across this song? I guess that must have been during my Delgados period - not period I regret, I hasten to add, btw - but the joy of stumbling across a track you absolutely adore is tinged with the bitter-sweet feeling that you missed out on the track first time round.

Kara is already sick of the song but, to borrow one of her own lines, I'm "Psyched. 17-year old style."


joseph said...

That songs sucks compared to everything else they've ever done.

Darren said...

Is that why I love it so much?

Gabriel said...

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Greetings to you all from County Kerry in Ireland

Reidski said...

Must check it out. I kind of gave up on the Manics a few years ago, but I've been meaning to check them out again cos I have no reason to believe they have let up at all. And loved Nicky Wire's comment about Arcade Fire making arse of themselves at T In The Park when talking about a brilliant march they had seen in Glasgow earlier that day and then were surprised when they got booed for saying so - it was an Orange Order march. Stupid fucks!

Duncan Money said...

Bloody good song that, cheers Darren. It was Youtube months back but was taken down for 'copyright violation' or some nonsense like that.

I've lost my copy of Lifeblood as well so it's good to hear it again.

Will said...

From the DSTPFW very own Youtube channel