Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Nine Goal Thriller*

It had me on the edge of the computer chair seat but thankfully Celtic are still on course for the quadruple after beating Spartak Moscow 4-3 on penalties tonight. (1-1 after extra time.)

A goal from McDonald, a missed pen from V of H plus a yellow card and a penalty kick goal from Riordan adds up to a good night for the neutrals but a stressful night for the older Celtic fans in tonight's crowd.

The ISI's hidden celebrity crowd-cam caught this bloke full of the joys of youth just prior to the start of the game, only to catch him again two and half hours later. Christ, going by appearances, the effect of a closely fought game must have been hellish for the poor guy. Looks like he's aged 30 years in the intervening period between the pictures being taken.

According to our sources, the form he was about to sign in the latter picture had the official wording of: "In the event of my death, I don't want my organs to go to Barry Craig Ferguson".

*How the former Notts Forest manager, Ron Atkinson, described the 1999 EPL game between Forest and Man United. United won 8-1.


Reidski said...

A thriller indeed, Darren. Only downside, I think Scott McDonald (or is it MacDonald) is fast becoming my hate figure. Okay, he scored, but who couldn't after a defender puts the ball in front of you? Nah, he was totally pish and should never have the hoops shirt on him. Sorry, forgot, he's an international player who has also played for big teams like ... err ... Southampton, Coventry and Motherwell. We have 24 hours to sell him and, if we don't, I'll be embarrassed to call myself a Celtic fan.
Do you think I'm doing my bit of over-the-top criticism again ;-)

Darren said...

Well with Beattie at West Brom, Miller possibly going to Derby and, according to your good self, Aussie Mac being minging does that mean that Riordan will finally start at game?

Love to see Riordan get his proper chance, but what will probably happen is that at five minutes to midnight tonight, some big club such as Colchester Utd or Blackpool will sign him for the rest of the reason.

Strachan . . . STRACHAN . . . why do you do this to me?

Reidski said...

Oi, hold on a minute here. You're not one of those Celtic fans who wind me up as they don't like Strachan for the mental reason that he always played good against us, are you? He's a great manager and I'll not hear a word against him - unless, McDonald starts the game on Sunday, of course!