Thursday, June 16, 2005

In the Latest Issue of Organise

Found via a comrade's post to the World Socialist Forum, details of obituaries for John Crump and Chris Pallis/Maurice Brinton -page 25 - in the latest issue of Organise, the journal of the Anarchist Federation.
Interesting to read in the Pallis/Brinton's obituary that Bob Pennington broke for a time from Trotskyism in the early sixties. From reading Sean MaxShachtmanna* obituary of Pennington in an old issue of the Workers' Liberty magazine, I can't remember any indication of Pennington erring from the true path. Not like Sean to forget stuff like that. Also fascinating to read the rumoured anaecdote that Rudi Dutschke wouldn't trust anyone other than Pallis/Brinton to remove the bullet from his head when he was operated on in Britain.
I haven't had a read through the latest issue of Organise yet - hate reading PDF journals on the net at the best of times - but it is interesting to note the the AF can actually bring themselves to mention the SPGB in print for a change. Is this a thaw of sorts? Have the two leading members of the AF finally had a change of heart? Do the two leading members of the AF have hearts? Sorry - excuse my descent into sectariana.
* Hat tip to the late Jim Higgins for that great joke.


John said...


This is rapidly becoming my preferred blog for reading anything anarchist-related. Be careful you don't get contaminated!

John said...

rather underwhelming and tributes aren't they, especially from an anarchist-communist group. I suppose the authors are too young to remember the 60s and 70s.