Monday, April 25, 2005

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Harry suggests a reform that I would consider putting my X against come May the 5th. Where else would I have found The Cavedogs Love Grenade or Kristen Vigard's God Give Me Strength or Belltower's Outshine The Sun? And trust me, I hunted high and low in the second hand record shops* of West London looking for the bastards.
Interesting comment on that thread from 'David T':
"I went to see a documentary about Morrissey fans last week. The film started with the idea that there was a "window" in your life in which songs really were able to change your life; that window closes after a while, and doesn't open again. " (My emphasis)
It would explain about ninety-five per cent of this blog.
* Otherwise known as halfway-houses for employing the terminally smug.


John said...

Allow me to point you in the direction of Cathal Coughlan's web site, where you can download his entire Grand Necropolitan album for free.

Says Cathal at

"please remember that downloading MP3 files damages the music industry - so do it early, often and cheerfully..."

Darren said...

Hello John,

Thanks for the tip. I'm downloading them as I write this.

How's that for a coincidence? I had an enjoyable hour yesterday listening to some old Microdisney songs. Got into them around about the Crooked Mile era, and obviously followed it up by also getting into the Fatima Mansions and the High Llamas, but I haven't heard any Fatima Mansions material in years.

How Microdisney didn't become bigger I'll never understand. No, wait a minute, it may have had something to do with Cathal Coughlan's lyrics ;-)

I'm off to play 'People Just Want To Dream' - my all time favourite Microdisney track.