Friday, October 25, 2013

Rusholme Ruffle Bars

A hundred pages into Morrissey's autobiography and I'm enjoying it so far. It's more Tony Warren than Mick Farren at the moment but I'm sure the sex, drugs and rock n roll will eventually kick in at some point. (Maybe when Vini Reilly enters the story?) 

But that's not what this post is about. I now not only have to thank Morrissey for the pop bliss that is 'This Charming Man' but also for his mention of ruffle bars in his autobiography. Christ, I'd totally forgotten about ruffle bars. I need ruffle bars.


daggi said...

Never heard of the things. The packaging suggests a kind of rectangular-ish raspberry jaffa cake thingy.

Have you considered giving yourself some kind of Amazon (etc.) "wish list" where readers can donate you nostalgic chocolate of your youth?

daggi said...

Or is it - after looking at that picture - 28g of cheapest pork mince cased in darkish chocolate (contains mainly non-cocoa fats and brown food colouring)?

Or the red bits of a Fry's, hm what was that chocolate bar which was one of the three Fry's branded confectionery products available (from East London off licences) in the mid-1980s? Not the mint one, but the fruity one. Half green, half red inside.

Maybe it's the mince?

Darren said...

An Amazon wish list? Why be so obvious when instead I can write a post for a blog that only people outside the UK now read. I refuse to make things easy for myself.

The packaging may be deceiving. It wasn't as moist as a jaffa cake. Another favourite from my past life.

It was one of the cheaper chocolate bars on the sweet counter which probably explains why I developed such a taste for them. You could feast on ruffle bars, chomp bars and cadbury fudge bars and still have enough change from a thruppeny bit to buy that week's issue of Newsline.

Simpler times.

PS - I remember those particular Fry's bars. Bastard. Thanks for reminding me of another chocolate bar that I loved and I have since lost.

Thank god that my local pharmacy stocks Trinidadian confectionary or I'd be suicidal at the moment.

daggi said...

If am ever in the New York area I'll venture down to Inveresk Street and fill your postbox with old-fashioned (and probably out of date) confectionery, from the days when newsagents-tobacconists proclaimed their stocking of said confectionery from their hand-painted signage. With space for a recent copy of Newsline (and "Young Socialist").

Fry's Peppermint Cream was the green one, I think, and the red one may have been called Fry's Fruit Cream, Fry's Orange Cream, Fry's Tastes Very Artificial I Need To Drink Some Top Deck Shandy Or Shandy Bass To Remove The Taste Instantly Cream, etc.

At least I can get Icelandic liquorice-based chocolate bars here. Though that trinidadian stuff looks nice, particuarly Bonanza, Nüggle (or am I imagining an umlaut?), and the imaginatively named Lunch. They look very much like German own-brand products from Kaufland (owned by Lidl). Their fake-Twix is called "Hurry'up" (with apostrophe).