Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes by H. R. F. Keating (Penguin Books 1967)

The three men had been sprawled there in the shade of the big Flame of the Forest for nearly two hours, but although it was very hot and almost intolerably muggy they had not slept. There was a feeling of tension behind their air of easy-going relaxedness. It showed in the way every now and again one of them would check over his gun.

The Sikh in the orange turban had an American self-loading Garand rifle and the other two had revolvers, one a British Army officer's issue Webley and the other a much abused Smith and Wesson dating from the early years of the century. This last was hardly reliable at a range over five yards, but none of the three expected to use it at even this distance.


Darren said...

Only cost me 25 cents from the Carroll Gardens Library's fundraiser sale from a few weeks back - May 14th, to be exact - and yet I still feel I've been robbed.

The most disappointing book I've read in recent memory . . . and I'm that done with it that the quoted passage is the first two paragraphs from the prologue.


robert said...

Without your pioneering spirit, us mere reading mortals risk stumbling upon such literary atrocities!
There's probably some decent 'candy' you can get for 25 cents, so I understand your bitterness ;>)
In other news, I've finally finished reading my sixth book of the year - the mighty 1200 page 'The Quincunx' - fantastic, and only £1.24. That's my kind of pence/wordage ratio.