Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rock Star (2001)


stuart said...

Ah, that looks good. Was it? Have you seen Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges? Pretty good film.

Darren said...

Not seen Crazy Heart. I will look out for it.

Rock Star was sweet enough, but it's one of those films which is on for an hour and forty minutes and after you watch it, you wonder to your self, 'Mmm, nothing much happened to justify the length of that film.'

Turns out the story line is inspired by the Judas Priest incident where they recruited a fan/tribute act type to replace Rob Halford as lead singer when Rob left the band for a while.

stuart said...

Crazy Heart is about a failing alcoholic country singer (Jeff Bridges) and his love affair with a journalist who comes to interview him. Now I think about it, I'll upgrade it from "pretty good" to "very good indeed".

Darren said...

He did win the Oscar for it, but you wonder if it was one of those 'time to give him an Oscar' decisions.

I'm throwing that piece of cynicism out there despite the fact that I haven't seen the film. ;-)

Now that I think of it, didn't Robert Duvall also win a Best Actor Oscar when playing an aging Country and Western singer? Tender Mercies?

Looks like Hugh Grant might have to dust off his mom and pop's old Marty Robbins lps if he's ever to be in with a shot of picking up an Oscar.

stuart said...

He needs to do a Holocaust film. Or play a disabled. That's the way to win an Oscar. (Joke copyright Ricky Gervais)