Friday, December 17, 2010

If Only . . . (1998)


Darren said...

Never a good sign when the same movie is released internationally under three different titles.

I've placed 'If Only . . . ' in the gold medal position, so to speak, if only (groan) because that was the poster I remember seeing spotted around London Underground back in '98.

That reminds me: I never did get round to watching Sliding Doors

mikeovswinton said...

A bit of Wikipediaing (if this verb has not been used before, please note that I assert my moral rights etc and will be contacting the European and North American Patent offices....) indicates that this film not only featured Ms Headey but also Mark Strong. I might suggest that you would advised to get-if you haven't already got it- the DVD of the series that also saw them work together from 2004 - "The Long Firm". A major artistic triumph, which also had Tracie Bennett (late of Cornation St) as Judy ("Judy, Judy, Judy")Garland, a role she is currently reprising in the West End. It also featured Poor Old Johnny Ray, although I can't remember who played him. He was singing sad songs, though not, alas , on the radio. Follow it up with the latest series of "Whitechapel", which the critics axe-murdered over here, perhaps because it committed the crime of being on tv in a month when Mad Men, which it appears obilagatory to believe to be the best bit of tv ever made, was also showing.

Darren said...

Whitechapel didn't look good to me, for some
reason. I think I saw a trailer some place.

I will look out for The Long Firm, though. I'm surprised that I've yet to check out the tv adaptation or the book.

Incidentally, Lena Headey was in the criminally underrated Face.

One of the better British films of the late 90s.