Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being Emily by Anne Donovan (Canongate Books 2008)

Declan had got a book of baby names out the library and he and the twins were falling about laughing over it.

How about Boniface?
If it takes after its ma it'll be moanyface.
Very funny.
Hey Fiona, guess what your name means? Comely, fair.
Aye, right. What are you thinking about calling the baby anyway?
If it's a boy, Connor, and if it's a wee lassie either Siobhan or Grace.
I hope it's a girl, then. Connor O'Connell?
The baby's name won't be O'Connell - it'll be Connor Anderson.
You don't have to give the baby Declan's name.
He's the father. You're no gonnae gie us wanny they feminist rants, are you Fiona? I've heard it all fae Janice.
Well, it's true. It's dead sexist that folk assume a baby has to have the father's name.
Yeah and look at Janice's poor wean wi a double-barrelled surname naebody can spell.
You could give the baby your name.
My name'll be the same as Declan's soon enough.
You're changing your name tae Declan's?
We'll be gettin married.
You still don't have tae change your name. Anyway, you're no even sixteen.
I will be in December.
You're no serious, Mona.
Course. Once the baby's born and I'm sixteen, we'll get hitched. A lovely white wedding and I'll be Mrs Declan Anderson. It's nice tae be traditional.
I don't want to shatter your illusions, but it's traditional tae wait till after the white wedding afore you have the baby.

After they went out I sat down on the settee. They'd left the book of baby names lying, spine bent backwards. I started tae flick through, no really expecting to find it, but there was a section on Asian names. Amrik: God's nectar. That figured. Sweet as honey. But don't try tae live on it.

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