Thursday, December 31, 2009

Truth that hurts

I'll hazard a guess that Alan J over at the SPGB blog, Socialism Or Your Money Back, got a few bound volumes for his Xmas 'cos he's been peppering the blog in recent weeks with reprints from the pages of the Socialist Standard.

If you ask him nicely he might post that classic mid-eighties review of Our Favourite Shop. In the meantime, here's a smattering of his reposts:

  • Communist Commotion (1957 article on the sorry history of the British CP.)
  • Walking the Plank (1932 article on the expulsion of JT Murphy from the CP.)
  • Is Nicaragua Socialist? (No, not Latin Quarter's follow up single to Radio Africa. A 1987 article from the Standard.)
  • Chile: myth and reality (An article from '73.)
  • Background to Cuba (An article from 1961. Kennedy in the White House and Paddy Crerand still at Parkhead.)
  • Russia's Afghan Hound (1980 article on . . . you can guess.)
  • Solidarity, the Market and Marx (As I posted yesterday about Ian Bone's youthful days in Solidarity in South Wales, I have to include this 1973 Socialist Standard article about Solidarity that was penned by a socialist originally from South Wales.)
  • There's a shed load more of old articles from the Socialist Standard over at the SOYMB blog, but as Kara just called and wants the kettle on, I'll let you find them for yourself.


    ajohnstone said...

    all i got for christmas is my two front teeth

    gray said...

    Blimey, you should tell Kara off. Can't she get off her butt and put the kettle on herself? Typical feminist - they'll moan and groan about male chauvanist oppression until you marry them; then they wear the pants!

    I hope you, Kara and Owen have a great 2010.

    Darren said...

    She couldn't. She was on her way home, and she fancied a cup of tea for when she got in.

    And it was my perfect opportunity to end that post. I knew I was going to get bogged down in the links and stuff.