Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gnome Chomsky

A festivus present for the anarcho-reformist in your life this choming Christmas:

Place it in their returned garden of eden. Possibly next to a hitchens post. (Now that would have been something.)

Popbitch provides more details for the must have anarcho-consumerist ornament for next year's ten year anniversary of the guerrilla gardening spectacle in Parliament Square.

PS - Whilst I'm on matters Chomsky; What's with 'Noam Chomsky' plus 'broken english' all of a sudden? What does my sitemeter know that I don't?

PPS - The same company would also like to interest you in a Monkish Howard Zinn for good measure:

What do you mean you don't have 134 dollars going spare?

1 comment:

Highlander said...

I was thinking of going into business selling people useless shit they didn't need. But, after extensive research, your post has confirmed that there are actually no remaining markets, niche or otherwise, untapped. $134 ffs.