Saturday, March 28, 2009


God, was the new England jersey designed by a Scotsman?

Coming to a high street near you as worn by an 18 stone Grimsby Town fan, who will insist on tucking the shirt into his jeans. I just hope there's a washing powder out there that's powerful enough to get the pissy lager and gravy stains out.

PS - Scotland to get gubbed 4-1 by the Dutch.

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gray said...

At least we might be free of that eternal argument: "why do England wear blue shorts when there isn't any blue in the St.George's cross flag...oh, I see - you think Britain is England, eh?" etc, etc until someone gets angry and a fight ensues over petty nationalism and prejudices.

Not that I really care, I much prefer the red jersey, white shorts and red socks combo. 1966 and all that! (I am looking forward to the wit who, when England fail again in the World Cup, says: "some people are leaving the ground, they think it's all is now".)

Smiles in Denmark - 3-0 win in Malta whilst Portugal drew zero all with Sweden. The Danes might actually qualify!

Agreed on the horrors of white shirts though; my old England rugby shirt was a mess after 5 seconds in a pub! :-) Sports shirts should be dark, like Scotland's or the All Blacks.