Saturday, March 07, 2009

The cup is half full but it will be on someone else's shelf this year

Further to this report doing the rounds on the internet in the last few days, I think it's important to put a positive spin on today's mishap.

Think of it as less a 1-0 defeat in the cup, and more of a 7-1 mauling over two legs.

There you go. Just added an extra eight years to my life.

Another eight years of Celtic not winning away in the Champions League; another eight years of not finding an mp3 of Flesh's 'Sentimental Sunday' on the internet; and another eight years of telling myself 'I'll start reading Don Quixote' tomorrow'.


Reidski said...

Nah, the cup is totally empty. But, then again, my weekend looked good again when the Lions scored a winner in the last minute - Championship here we come!

stuart said...

Now, knowing your taste in music, I'm thinking, does he mean Cervantes' book, or the lyrics to Nik Kershaw's song?