Monday, July 16, 2007

A Man Out of Time

The tubes at Tribune still won't join the 21st century by putting a decent archive on their website, but this sideline page/blog of theirs looks promising in a leftish trainspotterish kind of way (can't be arsed to link to their other sideline blog, a cartoon page, 'cos the cartoons in general aren't up to scratch).

Nice self-deprecating touch by leading off their historical page with a wee political hand-grenade thrown the way of the late Woodrow Wyatt; a man who, in his political life, started out as part of the Tribunite/Bevanite left in the Parliamentary Labour Party in the immediate post-war period, only to end up with a peerage courtesy of Thatcher for journalistic services to her Government's policies.

The sub-heading of the piece on the Tribune page is 'Lech, Toady and Turncoat' but one can't help feeling that the late bow-tied duffer's has been a bit hard done by.

A lech and a toady? Yep, his published diaries and his weekly column for the News of the World in the 1980s, 'The Voice of Reason', testify to the fact that he was enthralled by power, but a 'turncoat'? The bloke was New Labour when Blair was still reading the liner notes to the Tom Robinson Band's 'The Power in the Darkness', as if it was official Labour Party policy.

The poor sod was simply born before his time.

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Darren said...

My sub-conscious was telling me that 'Man Out Of Time' was an old Elvis Costello track . . . probably from his 1982 album, 'Imperial Bedroom'.