Thursday, July 12, 2007

" . . . . the best fans in Europe"

It's been a protracted business, but R*ngers have finally got their man.

However, on spotting the cheeky juxtaposition of quotes on the online BBC Sports page, I can't help but wonder if the website tech geek at the Beeb is a Celtic fan with a sense of humour?

Btw, R*ngers are going to win the SPL title next year. Wish I was joking, but my sense of humour doesn't extend that far.


Jools said...

Darren - did you realise its a clash of the blue and white versus the green hoops on Sunday in W12? It was being shown live on Setanta (sp?) but they pulled it because they didn't get council approval for an outside broadcast. I'm hoping to avoid the score of the pre-season friendly a few years ago when your boys ran riot. If Lee Cook plays I fancy only a 2-goal difference, if we sell him to Fulham for peanuts it could be a rugby score . . .

Reidski said...

That is so funny! And shows the stupidity of the fuckers - McCulloch and Boyd will make for a formidable parntership. But I like the sound of our purchases - only down side is that those midfield buys have been done probably to cover for Nakamura's departure! We'll still win the leage - by Chrimbo this time and not as early as halloween!