Monday, May 26, 2014

Raid and the Blackest Sheep by Harri Nykanen (Ice Cold Crime 2000)

Raid drove while Nygren slept in the back seat.

Nygren had folded up his wool overcoat beneath his head and curled up his thin legs. His hands were tucked against his chest. One knee was thrust against the back of the driver's seat and Raid could feel it pressing against the small of his back. Nygren's dark-blue, nearly black sport coat was unbuttoned, and a burgundy tie with white polka dots spilled over the edge of the seat.

Nygren was approaching sixty. His face was lean and furrowed with an inch-long scar at the left corner of his mouth. With his blond hair combed straight back to the nape of his neck, Nygren almost looked boyish. The expensive watch on his wrist topped off his stylish attire.

Nygren wore a tranquil expression, like that of a man who does only what he believes in.

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