Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Toonage #2

This song kicked in on my iPod whilst I was doing the laundry last tonight. I just had to put it on repeat for four extra listens:

According to its wiki page, 'Livin' Thing' "was named by the UK's Q as the number 1 'Guilty Pleasure' single of all time – a list designed to celebrate 'uncool' but excellent records . . ." 

'Uncool' my arse. It's a stone cold classic. If you consider 'Livin' Thing' a guilty pleasure only to be listened to when no one else is around, then you need to remove your hipster head from your arse pronto.

Actually, when you look at Q's top ten of uncool records, there's at least 6 and a half classics listed. Q's got a bare arse cheek throwing out the uncool label at anyone. When I do occasionally read Q magazine on the subway, I furtively hide it in an old issue of Workers' Hammer, so no one will point and laugh at me for paying ten dollars for a magazine that has Eric Clapton on the front cover . . . again.

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