Monday, June 10, 2013

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling (Three Rivers Press 2011)

Alternate Titles for This Book

Here were some titles for my book that I really liked but was advised strongly not to use.
The Girl with No Tattoo 
When Your Boyfriend Fits into Your Jeans and Other Atrocities 
The Book That Was Never a Blog 
Always Wear Flats and Have Your Friends Sleep Over: A Step-by-Step-How-To Guide for Avoiding Getting Murdered 
Harry Potter Secret Book #8 
Sometimes You Just Have to Put on Lip Gloss and Pretend to Be Psyched 
I Want Dick Nowitzki to Host Saturday Night Live So Much That I'm Making It the Title of My Book 
Barf Me to Death and Other Things I've Been Known to Say 
The Last Mango in Paris (this would work best if "Mango" were the cheeky nickname for an Indian woman, and if I'd spent any time in Paris
So You've Just Finished Chelsea Handler's Book, Now What? 
Deep-Dish Pizza in Kabul (a touching novel about a brave girl enjoying Chicago-style pizza in secret Taliban-ruled Afghanistan
There Has Ceased to Be a Difference Between My Awake Clothes and My Asleep Clothes 
I Don't Know How She Does It, But I Suspect She Gets Help from Illegal Immigrants

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