Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stalker by Liza Cody (Bantam Books 1984)

Later, Anna dreamt of a flood. A body floated by, turning lazily, until one arm rose above the surface. The hand had fingers like the antlers of a stag. Olsen said, 'He isn't dead, he's only in love,' and she flew effortlessly up above the water and sailed away over green fields and under warm sunshine all the way to London.

It only became a nightmare when she found she could not land. Selwyn said, 'Stop messing around up there with your head in the clouds. Supper's on the table.' But try as she would, Anna could not get her feet on the ground. Just as she was about to touch earth an upcurrent took her soaring away again. 'Come back,' Selwyn shouted. 'The air's too rich for you.' It grew colder and colder. Anna woke up with all the blankets on the floor. A dog was barking.

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Darren said...

Page 113.

The excerpt doesn't really reveal too much about the story of the book, and is probably explained away by the fact that I have a backlog of books I have to post on the blog and a more apt excerpt was not readily available.

However, I did plump for Anna's dream sequence as a future reminder that Liza Cody liked to pepper all her Anna Lee novels with passages where Anna was dreaming . . . or having a nightmare.

If I wasn't such a lazy swine I'd piece them together in one blog post to see if there's a thread of some sort going through all the books but that's never going to happen. Dream on.