Sunday, November 27, 2011

Soulboy (2010)


mikeovswinton, in the north said...

Didn't quite, did it? (Do for the soul scene what Quadrophenia etc). But then again why would the soul scene need anything doing for it by a film? Keep the faith! (As it might say on that bag that was probably bought at Cafe Pop on Oldham St about 250 yrds away from where I sit typing these words.)

Darren said...

Thought you'd have a soft spot for it because one of the characters nicknamed himself 'Dexy'.

Yep, the film was pretty much all over the place. The dance off with the social worker from Misfits was strange to say the least, and it didn't help that the lead actress, Felicity Jones, was also in the 70s set Cemetery Junction.

But I will say this much from watching the film; Martin Compston has charisma oozing from his sweaty armpits. The bloke's a star, and yet all he seems to do are cheesy low budget British horror films. What gives?