Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - day 30

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year

Haven't the foggiest. My plans for a disco diary, where I list in painstaking detail every song listened to, with marks out of ten for the track, the video and the artwork for the album cover went by the wayside around about the same time my Boy George T Shirt finally fell apart* in the wash. I've instead had to resort to rescuing our old computer from the back of the closet, plugging it in and firing up iTunes.

It tells me that I listened to not one but three tracks on the 30th April, 2010. I just can't work out if they are my favourite songs from this time last year or the favourite songs of the iTunes shuffle.

If nothing else, it turns out that iTunes and me are both 80s pop kids.

Now where did I put that The Next 30 Day Song Challenge?

*That T Shirt finally fell apart in the autumn of 1985.


Anonymous said...

Great to see the Hymn video again. They don't make 'em like they used to!
Mike F

Imposs1904 said...

Mighty Wah - Story of the Blues
Ultravox - Hymn
Bow Wow Wow - Go Wild in the Country