Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If I was in London right now . . .

. . . I'd be attending this meeting:

Talk on Politics & Song

Wednesday, November 10

Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Location: Housmans Bookshop

5 Caledonian Road - Kings Cross

"Starting out writing satirical comedy songs for BBC’s ‘That Was the Week That Was’, Leon Rosselson has branched into different music genres and experimented with multiple influences.

His songs are loved by many, his innumerable fans include Billy Bragg and Dick Gaughan, who have both recorded his most famous song, ‘The World Turned Upside Down’. Described by Record Collector magazine as defining the ‘power, musical eloquence and history of politicised song’, his songs seek to challenge received opinion.

Both as a singer and demonstrator, Leon Rosselson has inspired many to the political cause. An internationalist, he believes in the fight for justice, equality, and civil liberties, seen in his biting ‘Ballad of a Spycatcher’, ridiculing the Thatcher government’s censorship of the book. One of his most recent albums, ‘The Last Chance’ donates all proceeds to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Leon Rosselson discusses his politics and music at Housmans, and will make a brief performance of some of his songs."

Rosselson's voice is an acquired taste but he's got to be one of the political songwriters of the past forty years. If you've not heard his material, YouTube Dick Gaughan singing Rosselson's songs for a real treat.

Here's one to be going on with:


Kara said...

If I were in London I would be eating fish and chips. Damn these cravings.

mikeovswinton said...

If I was in London right now I'd be checking the easiest way to Euston. (Unless Bolton or Swinton were playing there.)(And yes, Swinton do get to play there, once a year at London Skolars in lovely Wood Green, on White Hart Lane.)

mikeovswinton, mmmm, dosas said...

On the other hand I might be heading to Drummond St for a South Indian meal at either Ravi Shankar's, Diwali's or Chutneys. Its the one example I can think of that actually tends to support those people who say there is too much choice around these days. Once nearly got knocked down by a taxi while stood in the middle of the street trying to decide which to go to. Whichever one it was it was full when Suggs of Madness tried to get a table and he and entourage went to one of the others.

Darren said...

I remember Chutneys.

Starve yourself beforehand to get the full benefits of the all you can eat buffet.

mikeovswinton said...

Ravis do a buffet now at lunchtime. Mind you, Chutneys Thoran (I think) is a bit of a clincher, at times. They've just done a new menu at Ravi's, though. Kaffovswinton reckons their new style baby aubergine dish is a winner.

We used to have a banner at Burnden many many years ago that said "Freddie Hill alias God". Its being updated as I speak. This week Owen Coyle could walk over Windermere if he wanted to.

Darren said...

There's actually a nice wee part of the East Village which has about 15 Indian restaurants all side by side. If you get there during the day, you get an excellent deal on the specials.

Unfortunately, they're all rather 'snug', and with the wee one that means strollers are not really welcomed. We have to fall back on the jars of Patak that I get from a supermarket in Park Slope.

If I was you I would be getting worried with all the attention that Coyle and Bolton are getting atm. That usually means trouble for smaller clubs - no offence - that can't resist the attention of clubs and chairmen with pots of money.