Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Scully and Mooey by Alan Bleasdale (Corgi Books 1984)

'A little blasphemy won't send you packin' t'Hell, Mrs Scully.'
"If it does, there's a lot of people who've done us down I'd like t'meet there. We were brought up in the Depression, me an' his dad, an' then through the blitz an' bloody ration books, an' that joker with his 'y've never had it so good'; aye f'them what's always had it. An' then a few good years just t'trick yer into thinkin' things're goin' t'work out alright, before the world turns around an' hits y'kids in the face. It's never them at the top what suffer though, it's us down here what have t'go through it, as far as I can see. An' whatever the politicians say, it's always goin' t'be the same. It all comes back t'those that can least afford it.'

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Darren said...

Page 211 . . . if you're wondering.

Originally published in 1977 under the title of 'Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?', 'Scully and Mooey' is the 1984 revised edition of the 1977 book.

Published in '77 would explain the casual racism of all the characters in the book. An uncomfortable read at times for 2010.

Not directly related to the book itself but a link to an interview with Alan Bleasdale that appeared in Nerve Magazine, a Liverpool based magazine that deals with the arts.

The interviewer is Adam Ford, who blogs over at Dreaming Neon Black.