Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Look Back And Wonder

It's over twenty years since I read John Osbourne's Look Back In Anger, but have I really misremembered it this much?

That trailer is like one of those Comic Strip spoofs from the mid-eighties. I keep expecting Peter Richardson and Ade Edmondson to turn up at any moment and gurn at the camera. What with him chewing up the scenery, I'm surprised Burton isn't playing Jimmy Porter on a bare sound stage.

As the original uploader explains:

"This is the [very] American trailer for the screen adaptation of John Osbourne's groundbreaking play Look Back in Anger.

It misses the whole point of the play and the character of Jimmy Porter, but it is fascinating to watch.

And yet for all its wrongheadedness that American trailer is still infinitely better than Branagh and Thompson's tv version from the late eighties.

It turns out that the misery of the late eighties wasn't all just down to Thatcher, bad pop music and ill-designed Socialist Standard front covers.

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