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August 2010 Socialist Standard

August 2010 Socialist Standard


  • Is unemployment really the problem?
  • Regular Columns

  • Pathfinders Meat Into Veg
  • Cooking the Books 1 The problem with capitalism
  • Cooking the Books 2 Economic soothsaying
  • Material World Waste and Want: Grapes of Wrath revisited
  • Greasy Pole You're Nicked
  • Pieces Together Workers Waking Up; A Lost Tribe Indeed; Profitable Carnage; Capitalism in Action
  • 50 Years Ago The Passing of a Labour Leader
  • Main Articles

  • NHS: short-term prescriptions For Tories, liberty means the freedom first and foremost to make money.
  • Communist Camp What communism has in common with a row of tents.
  • Marx and the Ideology of Darwinism Marx admired Darwin’s work but was critical of some of the conclusions drawn from it. The second of our three-part article on Marx and Engels and Darwin.
  • Land Grab: win-win or win-lose? Corporate self-regulation or total system change?
  • Conversation with a hairdresser’s assistant Uncomplicated Marxian economics by Wilhelm Reich, author of The Sexual Revolution.
  • Letters, Book Reviews, Meetings & Obituary

  • Letters to the Editors: Withering away of money?; Declining rate of profit?; Capital – difficult?
  • Book Reviews: Hopes and Prospects by Noam Chomsky; Chinese Whispers by Hsiao-Hung Pai; Socialism or Barbarism. From the 'American Century' to the Crossroads by Istvan Meszaros; Africa’s Liberation. The Legacy of Nyerere edited by Chambi Chachage and Annar Cassam
  • Socialist Party Meetings: Clapham & Norwich:
  • Obituary: Friedrich Vogt
  • Voice From The Back

  • The arrogance of the capitalist class; What recession?; Let ‘em fly copters; The silent spillage; Stop Moaning. Work Harder
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