Monday, April 19, 2010


With reference to this photo:

I love the exasperated cry from 'WackAttack' in the comments box of today's Five things we learned from the Premier League this weekend column:

Thanks for putting that photo up on two different stories. One of my colleagues just walked past and commented
"Are you still looking at that picture?"

The picture captures in all its glory the love that dares not speak its name: all of us non Man Utd supporters who want United to win their fourth Premier League title in a row at the expense of Chelski.

News Just In

Neville's agent has issued a press release and stated that the photograph is nothing more than a misunderstanding. The kiss is not what you think it is. Apparently it's an old library photo of Neville and Scholes, when they were playing a game of charades in between training sessions, and they were acting out 'the whole thing'


Darren said...

"the whole thing"

This film.

mikeovswinton said...

I yield to no one in being a "non-United" supporter. But face it, who gives a toss about whether the Glaziers pile of money finishes ahead of the Russians' or the third world dictators' with an oil well that owns Wastelands - they are all the same now aren't they? Now Portsmouth winning the cup - that might be worth bothering about.