Friday, May 08, 2020

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 08

A song about drugs or alcohol.

Lee Mavers love song to his heroin habit. 

I loved The La's back in the day. Had the T shirt, had the album but I never really bought into the prevailing myth that Mavers' was a lost pop genius. I'll still play the album to this day, but there were better albums, better songwriters. It was probably just the case that, breaking up when they did, it just helped fuel that myth of what might have been. What actually was was that Cast were one of the worst fucking bands of the 1990s. I still shudder thinking about them.

It is cool, however, to see them perform 'There She Goes' on Letterman. It just seems to incongruous. It'd be like Lady Gaga turning up in an episode of Josie's Giants.

Also, this interview and performance by them on a Canadian music programme from around about the same period is pretty cool, though they did insist on turning up 'The Scouseness' up to 11:

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