Tuesday, May 05, 2020

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 05

A song that needs to be played loud. 

I'm still convinced that the late Adrian Borland looks a bit like the late Christopher Hitchens. I remember mentioning the passing resemblance one time - probably on this blog - and the you'd have thought that I just let rip the biggest fart in history in front of The Queen and Betty White. Those fanboys of Hitchens really were fucking protective of their boy . . . at all times and in all circumstances. It's amazing the shield that is constructed all around you if you have a few witty epigrams hiding up your sleeve.

I still love this performance of 'Sense of Purpose' by The Sound on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Of course they should have bigger, but it's the business of the cheekbones and pop music again. You can't be all moody and introspective as a pop star if you're an ordinary looking bloke. It doesn't properly scan. You can only be truly tortured if you're really good looking. This also applies to female musicians, as well, by the way. Yes, Fiona Apple, I am looking at you.

PS - There's not enough punching the side of your head in pop performances, and if I've ever lose a few pounds, I'm wearing a version of that suit of his in my next life:

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