Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Shouldn't laugh.


mikeovswinton said...

Sorry mate, yes you should. This season above all, and especially given that players from both clubs (or is it companies, or government ministries these days) have been responsible for long term injuries to Bolton's best player, Stu Holden. (De Jong 2010, Evans 2011).

Darren said...

A Man Utd fan might mention Davies's tackle on Cleverley, though.

I actually don't mind Man Utd. I think it's because of Ferguson.

mikeovswinton, I'm not bitter. said...

And how many months/years was Cleverley out for then? Holdens still on crutches and the tackle was in March. Mind you, Evra kicking Davies and then crying about it when he got some back also comes to mind. Happened just below where I sit. Ferguson predictably outraged.