Friday, September 02, 2011

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939)

For some reason I could only find the Swedish poster for the film online. I can't believe there aren't any Arsenal geeks out there who wouldn't go out of their way to hunt down the original British poster for the film.

Nice enough film, with a good comical turn from Leslie Banks as Inspector Slade. I remember it always used to be shown on Channel 4 back in the day but for some reason I never checked it out. I guess football international weekends call for desperate measures and I have to get my football fix from somewhere.

One thing, though, and it may just be my feverish imagination, but isn't that a portrait of Karl Marx hanging on the wall of the basement apartment of Greta Gynt's character in the still below?

(Click on the pic to enlarge.)

Did the SPGB have an industrial branch at Denham Film Studios in the late '30s?


mikeovswinton said...

The real Arsenal stadium mystery is surely how on earth St. Owen Coyle (as we know him in Bolton) managed to prevent England sharpshooter Gary Cahill from ending up at the Arsenal Stadium in the recent transfer window. I have heard that if you sit a player down with Owen, he comes round to the viewpoint that the Reebok is the place to be......

Darren said...

Why did Matty Taylor end up at West Ham, though? Always liked Taylor but I won't pretend to know if he was first choice for Coyle.

No thoughts on whether or not that's a portrait of KM? It's keeping me up at night.

Mikeovswinton said...

1.KM? For sure, no question. Sleep easy.

2. Matty Taylor was in the last year of his contract, so it was the proverbial 'good business'. Sam Allardyce seems to be intent on rubbing the Hammers' fans noses in it by assembling a side composed of ex-Trotters, so that is why he went there, perhaps. From our point of view, again I think it was good business. Matty was good with the free kicks, but he wasn't able to beat a man. Petrov has his critics at the Reebok (to put it mildly) but he is more of a danger to anyone than Matty was in open play, and that seems to swing it for Owen.

Darren said...

1. "Sleep easy"? Now that someone else is saying it's KM, that makes it all the more intriguing.

2. Fair enough about Taylor. Of course I've got a soft spot for Taylor because of those spectacular goals. He just needs to score one of those spectaculars for the Hammers and he'll be inducted into the hall of fame before the end of the decade is out.