Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mixing Footie and Politics (7) Shankly, Socialism and Glasgow Celtic

Just spotted this.

Ian Bone raises that most important of political questions: 'Is there a socialist way of playing football?'

Ian shows his age (and his dress sense) by mentioning the great Hungarian side of the early fifties.

Arguably the greatest International team never to have won the World Cup, they lost the '54 final against West Germany in disputed circumstances, and one of the great ifs of football pub talk is, but for the Soviet tanks rolling into Budapest in '56, how they would have measured up against the Brazil of Pele and Garrincha in Sweden in '58.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. I show my good taste and access to YouTube clips by pointing you in the direction of the definitive answer to Ian's question.

Bill Shankly describes the great Celtic side of the Jock Stein era:

That wee nugget should be on a T shirt, not this silly bollocks which is currently doing the rounds on the left blogosphere.

"Socialism without the politics." I like that.

Whatever did happen to World in Common?


Darren said...

Julian, Robin (and the Mysterious Arminius). I'm only joking, chuckles.

stuart said...

"Whatever did happen to World in Common?"


Darren said...

Ah, you don't understand my mischievous ways.

You think I'm giving them a pop when I'm really giving them a plug.

Nick Mach is that way ------->