Friday, November 11, 2022

Friday's Playlist #27 (For real this time . . . )

That's hilarious. Turns out I'd had an earlier notion to revive the Friday Playlist on the blog. The post below has been hiding in drafts since 2011! Half the bands listed I don't have a scooby about. I don't even know where I might have stumbled over them. By 2011 MySpace was long gone as an online space for finding new music, and the wonderful  PBS/WNET 13 New York Noise had been cancelled fours years before. Maybe I was sniffing around Pitchfork 11 years ago, and just 'liking' what was in fashion. I'm being a bit harsh on myself; the Holy Ghost and The Suicide Commandos' tracks are both top notch, and I love Ivy's cover of the Steely Dan classic.  The only track on the playlist that I couldn't find on Spotify was The Polyamorous Affair track. Click on the link below to find it on YouTube.

. . . And there's only 9 tracks listed. Maybe back in 2011 the door bell rang and I never got back to the post. Think of the missing 10th track as a John Cage tribute.

From Sep 30, 2011

Only a three and a half year gap between numbers 26 & 27, but when you've got as few readers as I have, who's counting?

Please don't let me be misunderstood. The revival of the Friday Playlist isn't a late attempt to revive the flagging fortunes of the blog's sitemeter . . . or even to dredge up that old notion of turning the blog into a music blog. Just me taking advantage of Spotify recently launching in the US.

What was once 'ongoing series'

  • Holy Ghost!, 'Do It Again' (Holy Ghost!)
  • The Suicide Commandos, 'She' (Make A Record)
  • LCD Soundsystem, 'Drunk Girls' (This Is Happening)
  • Dr. Feelgood, 'Roxette' (Down By The Jetty)
  • Thunderclap Newman, 'Look Around' (Hollywood Dream)
  • The Bitter Springs, 'Big Sweaty Dad' (Poor Trace)
  • Ivy, 'Only A Fool Would Say That' (Guestroom)
  • The Polyamorous Affair, 'White Hot Magic' (Bolshevik Disco)
  • The Ark, 'Patchouli' (We Are The Ark)
  • Spotify Playlist Link. 

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