Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nazis, Communists and Swedish Punk

Check out Killed By Death Records, a brilliant music blog newly added to the sidebar.

It focuses mainly on the early 80s US punk scene, and features a truckload of bands you've never heard, releasing records on labels you never knew existed with a barrage of indecipherable lyrics that will have you clutching at the title of the song, in the hope that it explains all. It doesn't.

A few songs that songs that caught my ear. There's hundreds more:

  • Stains - 'John Wayne Was A Nazi'
  • The Eat - 'Communist Radio'
  • Slobobans Undergang - 'Atomkrasch'
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    John said...

    I haven't looked at the site (I'm at work), but wasn't "John Wayne Was a Nazi" originally a song by MDC (whose initials stood for Multi-Death Corporation or Millions of Dead Cops, if I remember correctly).

    I have the album somewhere. :-)