Friday, May 24, 2024

"Tell me the worst, Doctor, can they be saved?"

 Shit, I was hoping to get another 10 days out of those flights. 

It's annoying 'cos those particular flights are my flights of choice as well, and I'm all out of them. I like the colour scheme. It reveals my inexplicable soft spot for the Uruguayan football team, Penarol. Why Penarol? I don't have a scooby. If pushed on the matter, I'll claim it's 'cos they were Eduardo Galeano's football team. (I have no idea. I'm bluffing.)

As I've been known to associate with people who aren't up to speed with their knowledge of South American football, they've mistaken my penchant for the flights for a secret crush on Randite Libertarian politics. Apparently those are the colours of the right-wing fucknuts otherwise known as the Libertarian Party in the US of A. I can't win . . . which ties in with my inability to win at darts against the Level 9 Russ Bray app. It's all connected people, all part of the same golden thread . . . okay, I think I have to lie down now.


It turns out that if you change your flights it helps with your aim. Who knew? 

First three darts after replacing my flights.

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