Monday, June 07, 2004

One of My Most Listened to Albums

It's cheesy I know, and I could have laid a false trail by putting something pretentious - 'Trout Mask Replica', anyone? - as one of my favourite albums of all time but 'Lexicon of Love' is an album I have listened to again and again. I just think it was a great time for music - '81/82 - despite the fact that I can remember sod all about it. (Hence being in a postion to blank out all the crap stuff from that period that always clogged up the charts.)


Anonymous said...

What's next Kajagoogoo?

Seriously, thinking about those time, or trying to remmeber them, what comes to mind is all the great two-tone bands, especially the Specials.


Imposs1904 said...


ABC and Kajagoogoo in the same sentence? Shocking.

Granted not being as long in the tooth as you I've been able to blank out the bad music from that period (your mention of Kajagoogoo brought a sudden flashback of Limahl in his dodgy haircut), but I dare - BTW, Human League's 'Dare' album was another great album of the period - you to disprove that 'Lexicon of Love' wasn't one of the best pop albums of the period. There isn't a duff track on the album, and it is also the case that Martin Fry on a later song came up with the couplet that is practically my motto: "I've seen the future, I can't afford it."

As I said in my post, I could have gone for the trendy album for my all time fav - but I thought I would be honest with myself, and admit to what album I've probably played the most down the years.

The Specials? Good singles band - don't think they ever made a really consistently good album, though.

Alister said...

lexicon is a classic album. Actually not that uncool either, I recall NME gushing over it for years.